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Oh my god! They’re perfection

my favourite photograph of them

those faces.
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again pls??????
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Harry sporting a very fetching catsuit
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Harry Koisser/Peace/Northcote Social Club/2013

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East Village Arts Club 
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“She doesn’t take any interactions for granted, and she won’t hide it if something isn’t worth her time,” Fincher says. “But once you get to know her you realize she’s a playful girl, very funny, with a biting wit.”

“She doesn’t operate from a place of fear,” Jonze says. “She’s looking at the whole picture, and wants to figure out how to live her life.”

For Soderbergh, Mara has “the X factor that you can’t really teach, that watchability that an actor needs. My job was to make sure my camera was in the right place to capture it, to get what she was putting across.”

“It’s been very strange, jumping from one character to the next,” says the chameleon Mara. “All of them were very intense experiences… . I really feel sometimes like those things are happening to me. Obviously they’re not. But it’s hard going from one to the next. And I’m hypercritical of myself,” she adds in a masterpiece of understatement. “Anytime I see anything I’ve done, I wish that it had gone differently because you figure it out as you go along, and you’re always discovering new things. I’d probably feel that way about anything that I did.”

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